Monthly household budget

Monthly household budget
Monthly household budget

Have you been searching for a budget template that is clean, simple and easy to use? Look no further!

This google sheets budget template offers flexibility and helps you monitor your income and expenses on the go.

Begin you journey to financial freedom by taking charge of your finances, master the act of budgeting and planning for your money.

This template offers a responsive dashboard that shows analysis of where your money goes and how well you are saving every month and the total year.

It encourages zero-based budgeting, ensuring that you give every dollar you make a job. The ultimate goal is to master your finances. Whether you need to get out of debt, save for a house down payment or education fund, you need to start with this budget template.


A simple and clean minimalistic budget template

An automated and dynamic yet flexible template to aid your budgeting process

A dashboard that shows how you are doing financially and where your money is going each month

A comparable analysis between your financial plan and actual income, expenses and savings


This is a digital product and does not include delivery of any physical product. Please refer to the instructions sheet to find access and directions on how to use this document.

The budget template is a google sheet document and can be assessed on the go through the google sheets app on your smart phone or tablet as well as on your computer.

Document may be downloaded to Excel, however, please note that charts may become distorted.


This budget template is designed to assist you on your personal finance journey and therefore I am not liable for any misuse or misrepresentation of this file.

This file is meant for personal use and not to be distributed commercially.

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