Financial goals without putting in the work are mere financial wishes. If you have never set financial goals, or you have struggled to achieve your financial goals, the Financial Goal-Getter Workshop will help you set and achieve financial goals like a champ.

Want to be a financial goal-getter? Keep reading.

What You’ll Benefit

Here’s what you will expect to take away from the workshop:

  • How to set financial goals
  • How to prioritize your financial goals
  • Using a budget to plan accurately
  • Plan out your financial goals for one year and the long-term
  • Outline how to pay off your debt
  • Plan out your investing strategy
  • Identify ways to increase your income
  • Draw out a savings plan
  • Use a net worth calculator to enhance your financial plan


  • Budgeting and financial goals framework template
  • Accountability to achieve your financial goals

Who should attend

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have never set financial goals
  • You have a hard time achieving your financial goals
  • You struggle with prioritizing your financial goals
  • Your financial goals seem out of reach
  • You need accountability to help you achieve your financial goals